Theology of risk

Mother Angelica, a Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration, often said she accompanied her faith with a “theology of risk” that gave her the resolve to undertake large projects without any clear indication she would succeed.

“Faith is having one foot on the ground and the other up in the air, waiting for the Lord to put the ground under it,” she once said of her hands-on approach to doing things.

“We have lost the theology of risk and replaced it with a theology of assurance” that says “you have to know what’s going to happen before you embark on something new,” she said on another occasion.

Mother Angelica died on Easter. I think the excerpt above captures what made her such a remarkable figure in founding EWTN and in shaping orthodox Catholic media.

I’ve thought before about an approach to faith in terms of a sort of “Christian recklessness.” A “theology of risk” is probably a better way to put it.