Twitter, a struggle

I’ve used Twitter almost since signing up in July 2007.

I watched closely last summer as Chris Sacca and others were banging the drums to get Jack Dorsey back in the saddle as permanent CEO of the company he founded. In the first few weeks, things seemed promising. But Moments hasn’t taken off. And the larger problem of romanticism about the product and lack of product innovation makes the entire platform feel moribund to me. This tweet storm captures a good deal of my casual observations about some of the platform’s problems.

I’m using Facebook more both to browse and connect, which surprises me. I’ve abandoned Periscope, which I think a year in suffered the same cultural self-satisfaction that plagues Twitter. Periscope did a lot early on, and yet has introduced no substantive product features this year even while Facebook Live is positioning itself to eat its lunch.

It’s a struggle to watch Twitter, this thing you love and which still provides tremendous value, led by people who seem insulated from the value of evolving the product.