Visiting Berkeley

Visiting Berkeley

After leaving Napa yesterday morning I headed south to Berkeley. I’ve wanted to visit UC Berkeley for a long time. It’s the birthplace of the “multiversity” model of higher education—of the notion, essentially, that a university can really be a place of many truths. It’s a beautiful campus.

Downtown Berkeley was fun and looked like a place worth living. After walking much of campus (and admiring that there’s an on campus place that serves beer not far from the administration building) and relaxing on a lawn for a while, I drove downtown and had pizza and beer at Lanesplitter pub.

I booked a Priceline ExpressDeals hotel downtown, which ended up being a Rodeway Inn. I like places like that when I’m traveling alone.

The melancholy of Sunday hit me hard, I think doubly so after the warmth and good times of the Napa Institute and reconnecting with friends. But melancholy passes even as the good memories it tries to overwhelm return.

Heading for Southern California down California 1 tomorrow.