West Chester SEPTA station

The potential for SEPTA to restore service to West Chester has been talked about for years. Candice Mongolian reports that a feasibility study will be underway soon:

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), in the middle of laying out its five-year financial plan and 2017 budget, is planning to do a feasibility study about restoring rail service to West Chester. …

West Chester’s last commuter train ran in 1986, even after the Market Street station was demolished in 1968. …

Currently, SEPTA plans to restore three miles of track to Wawa in Delaware County, which will be the new terminus for the line. The project, budgeted at $150.6 million, will begin construction in 2017 and should be completed by 2020.

The tracks from Wawa to West Chester run 9.4 miles.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) estimates the restored service would attract almost 2,000 passengers for weekday trips by 2035 and capital cost estimates by the borough believe it would range between $100.3 million to $111.9 million.

Restoring SEPTA service to West Chester and reconstructing a station there is one of those things that’s so obvious it should have been started years ago.

I bailed on driving to West Chester from the city last night mostly because I wanted to avoid the 1.5 hour round trip, and didn’t want to lose that time driving instead of reading/working. SEPTA can change that.

Will it happen before we can take an autonomous Uber pool there instead for nearly the same price?

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