When streets come alive

I came across Cheryl Dunn’s Everybody Street unexpectedly. It’s an ode to New York photographer Alfred Stieglitz’s impact:

During the early decades of the twentieth century, Alfred Stieglitz vividly captured the architecture and urban streetscapes of New York City. The first photographer to take the camera off the tripod, out of the studio, and into the streets, Stieglitz can be thought of as the father of New York City street photography – a genre that produced some of the most exciting and provocative images of the past fifty years.

I first listened to, and later watched the video of, Joel Meyerowitz describe how he came into the medium. His testimony and the audio production of his narrative is so elegant. If I was asked to offer an example of what makes radio a great medium, this clip would be a candidate. You can hear life bubbling through in his voice