Ancestry/genetic history

I first read about 23andMe years ago when it was fighting the FDA for government regulatory approval to exist. I’ve followed it on and off for years, and in early June decided to spend the ~$100 to get my ancestry results.

Thanks to family members who had already spent years accumulating genealogical records, I had a pretty good sense already what the 23andMe results would indicate, but it was fun nonetheless getting confirmation by way of genetics rather than purely genealogical information. Here’s the summary:


I found the Ancestry Timeline particularly impressive/interesting, because it matches very closely what we know from our family genealogical records:


I paid for only the Ancestry service, and opted out of the Health reports which are another ~$100. I might pay to unlock that data at some point (which is possible in my account now that I’ve already sent the saliva sample), but both the extra cost and the vague/potentially alarming nature of the information that might be there isn’t compelling for me at the moment. Knowing that I’m potentially predisposed toward certain disease might change my behavior in ways that don’t really make sense, and seem likely to ratchet up existential dread more than help me in any practical way.

When I sent off the saliva sample I figured it would take roughly the six weeks or so that was advertised, but was surprised to find a notice in my inbox yesterday that these results had arrived in just under four weeks.