Since joining the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia as a board member more than five years ago, I’ve seen firsthand how Edel Finnegan has proven herself to be a practical and warm-hearted ambassador for pro-life people across the area as our executive director.

I’ve seen her impact in fostering a culture that’s more welcoming to life, and specifically to one that’s meaningfully supportive of women and families vulnerable to abortion through Guiding Star and alternatives. I’ve seen the humble and powerfully empathetic way that Edel speaks the truth with love on topics that our culture and so many of us would rather just not hear. I’ve seen Edel make our annual, 1300+ guest “Stand Up For Life” dinner a success, and her work in the areas of education, public affairs, and outreach in addition to managing a staff of roughly six, encouraging positive board reform, and ensuring that the mission is executed within the bounds of a responsible annual budget.

Edel’s been a great leader for the Pro-Life Union. After more than 12 years she has felt called to move on from her role as leader, and we’ve shared this message today with the Pro-Life Union’s supporters.


The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia is excited to share that we’re kicking off a search for our new President & CEO. We’re sharing this with you in the hopes that you’ll spread the word among your friends, member organizations, and the wider pro-life community as this search gets underway.

After more than 12 years, Edel Finnegan has felt called to move on from her role as the Pro-Life Union’s leader. Naturally, this is a bittersweet time for all of us who have seen firsthand how Edel Finnegan has helped foster a Culture of Life across the Philadelphia region, and specifically in the ways Edel has witnessed to the sanctity of life through the Pro-Life Union’s efforts in alternatives, education, outreach, and public affairs. We are tremendously grateful to her for so many years of service and sacrifice to women, children, and families in need of a caring heart.

At the same time, we are eager to build upon the legacy that Edel will be leaving, and are asking for your help in spreading the news of our search for a new President & CEO for the Pro-Life Union to continue our mission of service.

President & CEO role description and application process

Board of Directors
Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

I’m hopeful we’ll find Edel’s successor before the end of the year, and that he/she will build upon Edel’s successes.

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