Jimmy Carter’s example

Darren Bernhardt wrote earlier this month on Jimmy Carter:

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter received medical attention for dehydration while in Winnipeg on Thursday, where he is helping build a Habitat for Humanity home. The statement from the organization said that Carter was being rehydrated in hospital, and his wife was with him.

A Habitat volunteer told CBC News he saw Carter, 92, collapse after he’d been working in the sun for about an hour, using a handsaw to cut wood for a staircase.

The projects are part of a Habitat for Humanity “blitz” aiming to build 150 new homes — including 25 in Manitoba — between July 9-14 to commemorate Canada 150. Carter started Thursday by leading a morning prayer service…

Every president brings something different to the office, and after their time in office the best ones reflect different virtues inherent among the American people. We’re going to miss Jimmy Carter when he’s gone.