Marin Headlands

Spent a few hours yesterday afternoon with Eric Snyder running in the Marin Headlands. We got a Lyft from Sutter Street in San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to Bunker Road, where our driver dropped us on the side of the road. It was my first time running in Marin, and the variety of climates and the experience of the terrain was incredible.

After running roughly seven miles we descended from Marin’s overlooks on the foggy city, crossing the Golden Gate and finishing up in Crissy Field a bit past mile ten. The majority of the photos I’m able to snap during the run or only by pausing momentarily, but we did a few dead-stops to take in the scenery at various points:

It’s an experience unlike any I’ve had running; variously shattering and building one’s confidence. At one particularly difficult point I joked with Eric that this is what unhealthy age must be like: difficult even to walk or move without extreme effort.