Mount Nittany’s hiking stations

When I was on Mount Nittany over Arts Fest weekend in July, I pulled out my iPhone to check Google Maps at one point when we had been walking for a while. We had left the Mike Lynch Overlook- Station 3, and were heading toward the site of the Deeded Square Inches between Stations 5 and 6. But there were a lot of us in tow, and some were leery about the distance, and about getting back down the Mountain to eat at Cafe Lemont before breakfast time was over.

I noticed at the time that only three of the 11 hiking stations were listed on Google Maps, and that the site of the Square Inches was missing, too. Worse, my cousin arrived late to the Mountain with her friends, because Google Maps listed “Mount Nittany” a few miles to the east of where the trailhead and parking are located. So I spent some time last week adding the missing stations, the Square Inches, and the trailhead location to Google Maps. They’re now listed:

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 3.01.52 PM

I also updated the GPS coordinates for “Mount Nittany” on Google Maps, which apparently pulls from Wikipedia. We’ll see if it’s updated; until it is, I suspect many would-be hikers are deterred after driving for miles without figuring out how to get themselves to the trailhead.

Mount Nittany Conservancy makes these trail maps and guides available on their site, but I suspect a lot of people go straight to Google Maps or an equivalent.