Notre Dame scenes

Today turned out to be much drearier than yesterday, with plenty of wet, chilly, and ultimately rainy weather. Yet despite the stretches of rain, it was a beautiful day in its own way, with Notre Dame’s shootout with Wake Forest leading to a win. (A few hours away in East Lansing, Michigan Penn State’s fortunes turned for the worse in their 27-24 defeat at the Spartans’ hands.) Celebrating mass immediately after home games is a distinctive and appropriate part of the Notre Dame football experience.

Limebike, Notre Dame/South Bend’s bikeshare program, has turned out to be really great. We’ve ridden a few miles on these dockless bikes that can be left anywhere, and work in conjunction with Limebike’s app. Probably the highlight of the day, strangely enough, was the Knights of Columbus-sponsored steak sandwich tent. A BBQ-steak sandwich, in the rain, with a rum and coke isn’t such a bad way to spent an autumn afternoon. Lots of big and little moments in between these.


This final photo reminded me very much of a contemporary version of Penn State’s historical “Ghost Walk,” a sort of “Lover’s Lane” that used to run through Hort Woods north of the campus. In any event, this little wooded area’s thoughtful and densely planted trees, combined with its well lit fresh green grass and the lingering fog/haze of the rain made it a memorably way to walk back to our hotel for the night.