San Francisco Giants

Caught the Giants v. San Diego Padres last night at AT&T Park. It was a fun 7pm game on what turned out to be a pretty chilly night. The Giants gave up an early three run lead in the fifth inning but fought back and tied it up at nine in the ninth before ultimately falling 12-9 in the 11th inning a few minutes past midnight. We were pretty high before sunset:

But after walking through the concourse in the fifth, grabbing a bite, and standing lower down for a while we were able to move to a better spot as fans filtered out to catch ferries and get home. The seagulls became assertive by the extra innings:

As I was sitting there I thought of this bit in Michael Novak’s The Joy of Sports:

“I have sometimes thought the sports pages print the critical dispatches from the realm of permanent reality. They celebrate the essential human qualities. They sing of the sameness, the cycles, of reality. They tell the truth about human life.”

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