Warby Parker

I didn’t need glasses until maybe two years ago, when I realized how difficult it had become to make out the details of road signs and other distant things. After visiting an optometrist in, I think, 2013 and the arrival of my first Warby Parkers a week or two later, I was amazed to realize how much of the sharpness and detail of everyday life I had slowly lost.

I still remember walking down the steps of my apartment at 3rd and Market in Old City, onto the wet brick sidewalk of Market Street, wearing my first glasses and seeing a crisp and rainy streetscape in detail that surprised me.

At some point I’ll hope to have LASIK done, but probably not for some time yet. In the meantime, the affordability of Warby Parker is incredible. Yet Philadelphia didn’t have a location until earlier this year, despite the company being founded here. Their Walnut Street location opened in February or so, and I just ordered my latest pair (Hardy) there last week.

It’s a beautiful addition to Walnut Street.

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