Month: January 2018

  • Amazon store experience

    Amazon store experience

    I tried out the Amazon@StateCollege store/pickup location on Sunday. It was a neat experience. Basically, Amazon has created a really attractive, well located, and efficient version of the post office—or at least, a better version of P.O. boxes. How did it work? I ordered a Moleskin notebook earlier in the week, and chose Amazon@StateCollege as […]

  • Union Cemetery scenes

    Union Cemetery scenes

    I mentioned over the weekend that I visited Bellefonte’s Union Cemetery while in Centre County, Pennsylvania. It’s an old cemetery, with the first burial around 1808, in a town founded in 1795. Its most prominent gravesites, to my thinking, are Evan Pugh (Penn State’s first president), Rebecca Valentine (Evan’s wife), James Beaver (Pennsylvania governor and…

  • UPUA Alumni Weekend

    UPUA Alumni Weekend

    As a sophomore at Penn State, I served in the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA)’s First Assembly. The UPUA, Penn State’s student government, was reorganized in that year—though student government at Penn State originated sometime around 1910, though I forget the precise date. This year’s 12th Assembly organized the first UPUA Alumni Weekend, and it…

  • Rathskeller’s closing

    Rathskeller’s closing

    I wrote last month about the All-American Rathskeller in State College. Herlocher’s, the new owners of the Foster Building (in which the Skeller is located) failed to come to agreement on a lease renewal with Duke Gastinger, the Skeller’s owner. The Skeller, opened 1933, was the oldest bar in State College and one of the…

  • Bellefonte scenes

    Bellefonte scenes

    I spent some time visiting Bellefonte, and paying a visit to Evan and Rebecca Valentine Pugh’s gravesite in Union Cemetery, while in Centre County. Bellefonte is a beautiful Victorian-style community. It gave rise to many governors in the 19th century, and at one time was a contender to become Pennsylvania’s capital city. I’ll share some…