Month: April 2018

  • Springtime in Rome

    Springtime in Rome

    A good, very long day in Rome. We started the morning by walking over toward St. Peter’s Square for a better view of St. Peter’s than the behind-the-dome afternoon sun affords. We weren’t disappointed, thanks to continuing wonderful weather: As it got toward noon, we met up with Bobby Schindler along the Conciliazione, who had […]

  • Tiber, crystalline-emerald green

    Tiber, crystalline-emerald green

    We had intended to head to Florence today, but I woke up feeling somewhere between groggy and potentially sick, so reluctantly canceled that in order to sleep more. I tend to think those decisions are almost always wrong in retrospect, and I really regret not making it to Florence today, but this slower Sunday in…

  • Pantheon mass

    Pantheon mass

    Earlier today, we were enjoying the fountain at the foot of the Spanish Steps. I searched for nearby places for a Sunday vigil mass. The Pantheon, or Sancta Maria ad Martyres, stood out as the best option, so we walked over for 5pm mass. It turned out to be a very special, memorable experience; certainly…

  • Arrival in Rome

    Arrival in Rome

    We’ve arrived in Rome. I’m traveling with my mother today through Tuesday morning, May 1st. We were here together in 2000, and it’s a gift to be here with her again a lifetime later. We caught separate flights, her from Philadelphia and me from Newark with a layover in Charlotte, but both our flights arrived…

  • To Rome

    A few scenes from today and yesterday: the changing view from my office window as the new Comcast tower tops out and Logan Circle and the Ben Franklin Parkway begin to liven up with spring; a shot of 30th Street Station, where I caught a train to Newark, and scenes from Newark Liberty Airport where…