Month: July 2018

  • Pescadero State Beach

    I visited Pescadero State Beach during my short drive on CA-1 earlier this week, and despite the overcast and foreboding look of the place, it was good to put my feet in the sand and feel the water between my toes. It was also fun to test my iPhone’s waterproofing, which made the latter two […]

  • Driving CA-92 and CA-1

    Driving CA-92 and CA-1

    After leaving Palo Alto late Monday morning, I eventually headed west on CA-92 toward the Pacific Coast Highway and its beaches. First I wanted to drive through Portola Valley, which I had heard is one of the most beautiful and secluded communities in the country. Visited a scenic overlook near Redwood City before continuing on…

  • Visiting Palo Alto

    After biking around Stanford’s campus on Sunday evening, I checked into Hotel Keen for the night. Explored downtown Palo Alto for an hour or so, grabbed some pizza, etc. Awoke the next morning and walked a stretch of University Avenue and some of the side streets, with views like these: It’s a beautiful downtown, feeling…

  • El Camino Real encounter

    El Camino Real encounter

    I had just driven by Palo Alto High School as the sun was starting its long summer descent on Sunday evening, and had just parked my car on the side of El Camino Real, which runs along the northeast fringe of Stanford’s campus, when a woman approached me. “Hi, I’m Diane. Can I borrow your…

  • Pro-Life San Francisco

    Pro-Life San Francisco

    I met Terrisa Bukovinac last month at Notre Dame’s Vita Institute, and when I saw that her organization, Pro-Life San Francisco, would be hosting “Stand with David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt” outside of San Francisco’s federal courthouse while I was still in the Bay Area, I decided to be there. Judge William Orrick is presiding…