Month: December 2018

  • Past year reviews

    Tim Feriss writes that “past year reviews” are more helpful for him than New Years resolutions: I have found “past year reviews” (PYR) more informed, valuable, and actionable than half-blindly looking forward with broad resolutions. I did my first PYR after a mentor’s young daughter died of cancer on December 31st, roughly eight years ago, […]

  • George Bailey, realist

    Niall Gooch writes on It’s a Wonderful Life, making the point that the film is a “wise tribute to everyday heroism:” Some critics question the film’s status as a warm-hearted celebration of life, suggesting that it is really a tragedy, portraying an individual crushed by the trivialities of parochial life. The man who was going…

  • Politics v. political science

    I was reading about The Soul and the City: A Reader in Moral and Political Philosophy, and Thomas Achord’s introduction does one of the best jobs I’ve seen of describing the difference between studying “politics” versus studying “political science”: “The study of politics is not what many assume. It is not the study of daily…

  • Anchor’s Korean pine

    As the Christmas season leads to the Epiphany, one of the ways I’m keeping the season is enjoying Anchor’s Christmas Ale, this year featuring a Korean pine. It’s a somewhat difficult to find Christmas brew, and an annual tradition: Our annual Christmas Ale is a subtly spiced and sumptuously smooth winter warmer. This year’s brew…

  • Post-Christmas Washington

    Post-Christmas Washington

    Back in Washington to a city that’s somewhat subdued post-Christmas, somewhat in the midst of a normal working week for some, and somewhat shutdown for government workers.