Amazon store experience

I tried out the Amazon@StateCollege store/pickup location on Sunday. It was a neat experience. Basically, Amazon has created a really attractive, well located, and efficient version of the post office—or at least, a better version of P.O. boxes.

How did it work? I ordered a Moleskin notebook earlier in the week, and chose Amazon@StateCollege as the pickup location. Received an email on Friday that it was ready for pickup, and after a full weekend, stopped in the store on Allen Street in State College on Sunday morning. I tapped “I’m here, ready for pickup” in the Amazon email notice, and a barcode appeared on my iPhone for me to scan at the terminals in the photos below. Once I scanned it, it told me which locker contained my package and the door to that locker swung open. Picked up the package, grabbed a free Vitamin Water on the way out, and was in/out in about a minute.

When does Amazon take over the postal service?


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