Driving CA-92 and CA-1

After leaving Palo Alto late Monday morning, I eventually headed west on CA-92 toward the Pacific Coast Highway and its beaches. First I wanted to drive through Portola Valley, which I had heard is one of the most beautiful and secluded communities in the country. Visited a scenic overlook near Redwood City before continuing on through the farms that eventually turn into Half Moon Bay and then onward to CA-1 and the picturesque coastline. Stops at Pomponio State Beach and then Pescadero State Beach a few miles further south were good, though it was so overcast on the beach itself (as opposed to just inland, where skies were blue) that it felt somewhat dismal and oppressive. Visited Half Moon Bay itself, which retains a fair amount of its rustic, agricultural character.

It’s tough to tell in the photo, but one of my favorite scenes driving CA-92 was in passing a nursery and farm growing sunflowers and all sorts of other beautiful, blooming flowers. That was a beautiful experience; I don’t think I’ve seen flowers being farmed in that way before—a whole field of sunflowers.

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