Georgetown Wawa opens

I’ve been watching Washington’s second Wawa take shape over the past few weeks near M Street in Georgetown. Here’s a photo from this afternoon:

When I mentioned to a Washington friend a few weeks ago that Wawa was expanding here, and that its second location was to be in Georgetown, he scrunched his face in genuine confusion and asked, “Wawa? They’re putting a gas station in Georgetown?” Wawa Food Markets didn’t generally have gas stations until about 15 years ago, but I guess its expansion has shaped most people’s experiences at this point. Anyway, as a Pennsylvanian at heart, I was thrilled to see this Wawa—which did not bring a gas station to the neighborhood—officially open today:

The Georgetown location will offer free coffee for customers through its first weekend of business. …

To commemorate Wawa’s arrival near Georgetown, a new Bulldog Double Shot latte (iced or hot) is available at its touchscreen ordering counters. The themed drink is filled with salted caramel, a double shot of espresso, whipped cream, and blue and silver sprinkles. It will be available during the store’s first three months of operation. 

The 7,000-square-foot convenience store is open 24/7 and sports Wawa’s new urban interior design. Free Wi-Fi encourages study sessions. 

The first 200 customers through the door at 8 a.m. get free T-shirts, and Wawa’s charitable arm will announce a new community partnership with MedStar Medical/Surgical Pavilion at the Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center.