John Paul II Award for the New Evangelization

I’m at the Mayflower in Washington for tonight’s Catholic Information Center dinner for its annual “John Paul II Award for the New Evangelization”. First time attending this dinner, but very familiar with CIC and supportive of its service as a spiritual home for Catholics in the heart of Washington, DC.

In past year, CIC has hosted 195 events, served ~1,800+ persons in spiritual direction, heard ~7,000 confessions, and welcomed ~13,000 at daily mass.

The seventh annual dinner in honor of the John Paul II Award for the New Evangelization will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. Recipients of the John Paul II New Evangelization Award demonstrate an exemplary commitment to proclaiming Christ to the world.This year, the CIC is proud to honor Sean Fieler, president of Equinox Partners, L.P. Though his personal and philanthropic efforts, Sean has championed human dignity and tirelessly promoted the Church’s evangelical mission as envisioned by Saint John Paul II.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 6.48.34 PM.png

Sean Fieler is Chairman of the Chiaroscuro Foundation, is President of Equinox Partners, LP. Mr. Fieler graduated from Williams College in 1995 with a degree in Political Economy and was the 1994 recipient of the Branson Memorial Scholarship. He is the Chairman of the American Principles Project and a member of the board of Witherspoon Institute, the Manhattan Institute, and the Dominican Foundation, among others.

Our Leonine Forum fellows evenings take place at the Catholic Information Center, too. It’s a special place.