Lime-E bikes in Washington

I was walking to my office in Arlington earlier this week and I passed by a dozen or so brand new Lime-E electric bikes. News later in the day confirmed that Lime had just launched its e-bikes in Washington and the surrounding area, joining JUMP bikes as the only electric, dockless bikes in the area. There are a handful of electric Capitol Bikeshare bikes, but I haven’t come across any to try. It was a beautiful, only somewhat chilly day that day, and there were still a few of these left outside the office at the end of the day, so I hopped on one and rode it home to Georgetown:

Rode as well as the last time I was on one, which was in Seattle over the summer. Total fare come to roughly $3.50, which is a bit more than Metro would have been (but which would have involved a substantial walk from Foggy Bottom), and a bit less than the typical $4.50 Uber Pool from my office to my apartment.