Newseum visit

Bobby Schindler and I visited EWTN’s Washington bureau this morning to do a short interview on the case of Vincent Lambert, a French man who has been described as “France’s Terri Schiavo”—a man whose wife is petitioning French courts to end his life by denying him food and water, despite him being reliant on no artificial life support. It’ll air on EWTN later this week, and I’ll share if/when it becomes available.

Afterwards, by happy coincidence, I was able to meet up with one of my brothers who was also in Washington today with classmates. I met up with him while he and his group were touring the Newseum. It was my first time there, and after our visit I spent an hour or so taking in the place. Favorites were their Berlin Wall exhibit with watchtower, and their September 11th exhibit which pitch perfect.

Though it was raining off/on the entire day, I checked out the Newseum’s great terrace looking out over Pennsylvania Avenue.