We have our third quarter board meeting for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network this morning, which I’ll be leading from the Napa Institute’s breakfast with Bobby Schindler. After that, the first full day of Napa Institute gets underway. Due to our board meeting, I’ll be sorry to miss Thomas Aquinas College’s morning seminar examining John Paul II’s Fides et Ratio—but the rest of today should make up for what I miss.

Archbishop Charles Chaput celebrated mass last night in the Estate Cave, which was a fitting place to contemplate Saint Benedict.

Fortunate earlier this week to be able to meet up with a good friend in Sonoma, which is about 25 minutes from where I’m staying in Napa. Here are a few scenes from Sonoma.

We has dinner at Hopmunk Tavern, then checked out Murphy’s Irish Pub and Sonoma Speakeasy. There was a festival happening when I pulled into town, and which was wrapping up as we walked through it after dinner. A beautiful little town that’s apparently retained its character.