Tiber, crystalline-emerald green

We had intended to head to Florence today, but I woke up feeling somewhere between groggy and potentially sick, so reluctantly canceled that in order to sleep more. I tend to think those decisions are almost always wrong in retrospect, and I really regret not making it to Florence today, but this slower Sunday in Rome turned out to be great, too.

I’m low energy at the moment, so I’m sharing lots of photos and moments from the past two days. First, here’s a scene from the Ponte Sant’Angelo walking bridge with a beautiful view of St. Peter’s toward sunset as we walked back toward our Armony Suites room this evening:

Let’s start with yesterday (before/after mass at the Pantheon) when we visited Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and Trinita dei Monti, the magnificent 16th century Church of Saint Louis of the French—home to Caravaggio’s life changing Calling of Saint Matthew—and Piazza Navona, among others:

And now, scenes and photos from today, including along our walk to St. Peter’s Square along Via della Conciliazione and other moments. We finished off the day today with what turned out to be an incredible meal at Tucci Ristoranti in Piazza Navona across from Sant’Agnese in Agone and Fontana dei Fiumi.

The Tiber was practically crystalline-emerald green today.