A few scenes from today and yesterday: the changing view from my office window as the new Comcast tower tops out and Logan Circle and the Ben Franklin Parkway begin to liven up with spring; a shot of 30th Street Station, where I caught a train to Newark, and scenes from Newark Liberty Airport where and finally Charlotte Douglas Airport where I’m writing this:

I’ll be leaving in a few minutes on a connecting flight to Rome, where I’ll spent the next week on a trip that’s part personal/family, and part work/pilgrimage. As much as possible, I’ll share scenes/experiences along the way. I’ll be spending most of the time in Rome, and two days or so in San Giovanni Rotondo near the Adriatic Coast.

I’ve only been to Italy once before, for a visit to Rome, Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast in 2000 during the Jubilee Year. It was a wonderful trip for a young teenager, and all the most special because I spent so much of it alongside my grandmother. It’ll be great to be back.

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