Union Cemetery scenes

I mentioned over the weekend that I visited Bellefonte’s Union Cemetery while in Centre County, Pennsylvania. It’s an old cemetery, with the first burial around 1808, in a town founded in 1795. Its most prominent gravesites, to my thinking, are Evan Pugh (Penn State’s first president), Rebecca Valentine (Evan’s wife), James Beaver (Pennsylvania governor and Penn State president), and James Irvin (responsible for Penn State’s location). The lives of thousands of others are honored and remembered here, too. Here’s how Penn State describes Union Cemetery:

A number of leaders who helped to found Penn State and shape its early development are buried in Bellefonte’s Union Cemetery, a 20-minute drive from the University Park campus. Bellefonte, the seat of Centre County, was the region’s political, cultural, and economic hub in the nineteenth century. Union Cemetery is located between High and Howard Streets, one block east of the Court House.

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