Month: April 2019

  • Little Neshaminy Creek

    I wrote about visiting the WREC in Warminster, Bucks County a few years ago before the township demolished the community center to build homes. I visited today for the first time and saw those new homes, and was glad that the little woods nearby still remain, and that Little Neshaminy Creek is alive: In the […]

  • Everything is mysteriously entangled

    In Death on a Friday Afternoon, Richard John Neuhaus writes: By these three days all the world is called to attention. Everything that is and ever was and ever will be, the macro and the micro, the galaxies beyond number and the microbes beyond notice – everything is mysteriously entangled with what happened, with what…

  • Near the Capitol

    We caught the Nats v. Giants tonight at Nationals Park. It was my first time back at the park since September, and it felt like summer is nearly here. Afterwards we walked from the park north up New Jersey Avenue until we came near the Capitol and Supreme Court.

  • La Grande Arche v. Notre-Dame

    Fifteen years ago, George Weigel thought about Notre-Dame: At the far western end of the magnificent urban axis that runs from the Louvre down the Champs Elysées and through the Arc de Triomphe, crossing the Seine at the Pont de Neuilly, is the Grand Arch of La Défense—one of the “great projects” of the late…

  • Notre-Dame de Paris

    President Emmanuel Macron asserts that Notre Dame will be rebuilt, and that an international campaign will be launched to do so. Despite France being a secular state that is, in so many ways, presently at odds with its Catholic heart, Notre Dame is owned by the French state and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.…