Month: August 2019

  • ‘Satan is no principle’

    When we experience good and bad things in our lives, they are invariably things that are incarnated in the world—meaning they’re a physical part of our world; they touch us as human beings. When we experience the love of friendship and courtship and marriage, that is a love that comes from a person—it’s not simply […]

  • What ‘striving’ means

    What ‘striving’ means

    I spent most of today in Northern Virginia and eventually came back into the city on Metro. I got off in Rosslyn instead of riding into Foggy Bottom, because it was a beautiful day and I wanted to walk across the Key Bridge: Tonight I listened to Archbishop Chaput’s homily on Facebook. Today addresses the…

  • Visiting St. James in Falls Church

    Visiting St. James in Falls Church

    I visited St. James in Falls Church, Virginia for the first time tonight for the Sunday Vigil Mass, because Bishop Burbidge was installing Fr. Paul Scalia as St. James’s new pastor. Fr. Scalia was one of our speakers earlier this year during our Leonine Forum fellowship, and he’s a great witness. I don’t think I’ve…

  • Justice, temperance, and prudence

    Fr. Stephen Freeman writes on the relationship between justice, temperance, and prudence: The virtue of justice, when taken alone, moves towards vice. The instinct for fairness quietly blends with the sin of envy, the desire that someone should “get what’s coming to them,” ironically named, “just deserts.” When we take pleasure in another’s misfortune, it is…

  • Potomac sunset

    Potomac sunset

    Peter Atkinson and I were able to catch up last night in Georgetown at The Tombs over dinner. I hadn’t seen him since his performance in Ah! Wilderness in New York earlier this year, and it was a gift to spend the time with him in advance of his birthday and the start of his…