Benet Chapel and a low-key night

I’m working while I’m here in Bismarck for University of Mary, so these are full days. We’re working up to our major spring event at Americans United for Life, “Women Speak 2019: A Symposium on Life Without Roe,” which takes place in Washington, DC next week. And I’m also participating in the final components of my bioethics program, namely today’s seminar with Dr. Marie Hilliard on health policy and tomorrow’s capstone presentations.

When I got in yesterday, I visited Dan Supermarket across Ivy Avenue from my hotel to pick up some supplies for these next few days like apples, pretzels, juice, etc. And in the lobby, I overheard and engaged in conversations that are different from what I’m used to hearing or participating in—especially the story of a woman who had been three hours north of Bismarck earlier in the morning, just a few miles from the Canadian border.

After today’s seminar concluded, seven or so of us visited Benet Chapel for evening prayer before heading back to the hotel for what will be a low-key night.