Late spring in Georgetown

Late spring in Georgetown

It feels more like summer than spring, and I’m thinking about things to do this summer. A visit to Washington’s Aquatic Gardens is on the list, and if I make it, it’ll be inspired by Horace Gregory:

There is a stirring of grey light overhead,—
These are the Water Gardens, green paths
That walk between the waters, and the white lotus
Where at its center the sun shines inward
To the root. And here are sleeping lilies,
And that grey presence is a fallen tree
Raising its leafless arms
Above the water.

Pale green, pale ochre,—
Here one discovers five seasons of the soul:
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and the season
Of light where the spirit lives,
Tibet at evening or at early morning
In the grey light that cannot fall
From the sky at noon. It is where
Reeds and grasses contemplate
The heavens, the multiple smiling
Creatures within the clouds,
The gods and lesser gods behind
A veil of rain.

One could believe
That the heat of summer is unknown here,
That the white lotus conceals the sun
Beneath the snow.

Above us a steel blade.