Leaving Bismarck

Leaving Bismarck today after a good few days with eleven great bioethics classmates and other great people. After commencement yesterday, I visited the nearby Cathedral of the Holy Spirit for Sunday vigil mass. Bismarck’s Cathedral was completed in 1942, and was beautiful in its particular way. It’s situated amidst what seems like a solid neighborhood, with real trees and substantial homes.

After yesterday’s vigil mass, a few of us headed back to the hotel, cleaned up, and visited La Carreta along East Bismarck Expressway for dinner. Afterwards we headed to Captain Jack’s behind our hotel for a few six packs, and enjoyed each other’s company in the lobby playing the board game Pandemic and talking late into the night.

I’m in the Bismarck airport right now, about to catch a 2pm flight to Chicago and then a final flight home to Washington.

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