Napa Institute Summer Conference

Napa Institute’s Ninth Summer Conference gets underway today. I’m looking forward to what should be a very full and important week. Here is an overview of what this year’s Napa Institute looks like:

The Annual Summer Conference is a preeminent Catholic conference in the United States, bringing together Catholic leaders for faith, fellowship and community, as we explore the theme of This Catholic Moment.  We are excited to announce that our keynote speakers include His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, Senator Lindsey Graham, George Weigel, Jim Daly, Alan Sears, Fr. Robert Spitzer, Dr. Gianna Emanuela Molla, Patrick Lencioni, former Governor Scott Walker, Dr. Tim Gray and more.

Napa Institute events are built on the three pillars of Community, Formation, and Liturgy. At the annual summer conference, we encourage attendees to build connections through meals with open seating and evening activities. Each day there are keynote sessions from renowned speakers that develop the theme of that day, as well as breakout sessions that examine current topics.

I didn’t necessarily expect to be back again this year. I hope this time is a formative and fruitful one.

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