University of Mary commencement

We have University of Mary commencement today in Bismarck, and started the day off at Our Lady of the Annunciation chapel for mass, then Our Lady of the Word chapel for our bioethics program’s closing remarks from Dr. Karen Rohr and hooding ceremony. I’m in an Uber, heading with classmates downtown to Fireflour for lunch. Commencement takes place later this afternoon in downtown Bismarck. Final views from campus:

And here is the University of Mary’s alma mater, written by Sister Mary Elizabeth Mason:

Standing on the bluffs of the Missouri
Is Mary our fair University.
For love of Christ at peace with every creed,
She welcomes all who long to learn and lead.

The wisdom of past ages we would see
With eagerness for all that yet might be.
Transformed by grace we gladly work and play;
Good friends and teachers guide us on our way.

May holy Benedict, the man of peace,
Guide us as servant leaders without cease.
O Mary, may you come to greater fame
And may we all add honor to your name!

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