Month: January 2020

  • Clock of life

    Fulton Sheen gave a talk called “The Approach of Midnight” in the 1970s, imagining the “clock of life”: “I want you to picture a great and gigantic clock of life. Here is dawn; here is noon; here is dusk; here is midnight. The clock of life at the very beginning of the day is beginning […]

  • Harder to make silence

    Fr. George Rutler writes that it’s “harder to make silence than noise”: One year ago in the Italian town of Cremona, there was an imposed silence by order of the local government for eight hours a day, six days of the week for five straight weeks. The purpose was to allow the pristine recording by…

  • March for Life 2020

    March for Life 2020

    Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are in Washington, DC this weekend and they came to be a part of today’s March for Life, marking 47 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s imposed Roe doctrine of lawful indifference to human life. It’s a powerful and hopeful week of events, organizing, rallying, prayer, and companionship…

  • President Trump to speak at the March for Life

    Kimberly Leonard reports that President Trump will speak to the March for Life tomorrow, becoming the first president to address the rally in person in its 47 year history: President Trump will deliver an in-person speech on Friday at the March for Life, an annual rally held in Washington protesting the legalization of abortion. Trump…

  • Morning commute view

    When you’ve got a particularly full week, all the more important to notice the little scenes of everyday beauty. Here’s a view from this morning’s commute: March for Life is this Friday.