Month: February 2020

  • Raise a standard

    Raise a standard

    “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.” I noticed this on an early morning walk to work. I was walking from St. Dominic in Southwest, south of the Mall near L’Enfant Metro. I had crossed Constitution and looked up to see this beautiful classical facade with this timeless aspiration […]

  • Not simply abstinence from food

    “What the Christian should be doing at all times should be done now with greater care and devotion,” said Saint Leo the Great, “so that the Lenten fast enjoined by the apostles may be fulfilled, not simply by abstinence from food but above all by the renunciation of sin.” I turn to Leo’s words as…

  • Georgetown canal path

    Georgetown canal path

    I forget that Georgetown has these incredible canal paths. I worked from Capital One Cafe again this morning and later while on a conference call walked along the canal path on the way to the office. This is definitely one of the nicer stretches of Georgetown’s canals. Certain locks are non-functional or are presently under…

  • ‘Repent and accept the Gospel’

    It’s Ash Wednesday. I’m working from Georgetown this morning at the Capital One Cafe and will walk a few blocks to St. Stephen Martyr for Mass at noon. I’m thinking back to Shrove Tuesday one year ago. And to last night, which I spent with good people at the Catholic Information Center on K Street.…

  • Pennsylvania in February

    Pennsylvania in February

    It’s a busy week in preparation for the U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments in the June Medical Services case being heard next week. In light of that, here are some photos from my 12 hours in Pennsylvania over the weekend. No snow to be seen anywhere along the drive and only the slightest frost on…