Month: April 2020

  • Sabbatical

    I started writing/sharing something here every day more than five years ago. I’m taking a sabbatical from writing here probably for the rest of the year, so that streak comes to an end today. When I started the habit of daily writing, it was as much a commitment to “put pen to paper” or “think […]

  • What we’re doing now and what we’ll do later

    What we’re doing now and what we’ll do later

    I went for what turned out to be a great run late this afternoon in an empty Washington; sharing a few scenes from the run and some quarantine thoughts. E. J. Hutchinson writes on “learning in quarantine,” reflecting on his post-September 11th experience and C.S. Lewis’s 1939 Learning in War-Time address: We are once again…

  • Palm Sunday during pandemic

    Palm Sunday during pandemic

    Yesterday I walked to Saint Stephen Martyr for confession. Spring is emerging in its fullness in Georgetown, so the walk there was beautiful. I also saw my first Biden yard sign. It was the first time I’ve set foot in a church since the pandemic closures, since I got back from my Longlea retreat three…

  • Into a perfect state

    I spent today with Michael Pakaluk’s latest book, “The Memoirs of St. Peter: A New Translation of the Gospel According to Mark“. Perfect for Holy Week and Easter, and a rich and fresh way to encounter Christ through Peter. Like Romano Guardini’s “The Lord”, there’s a closeness and an immediacy with Christ through the book. There’s…

  • Rose Park in springtime

    Rose Park in springtime

    Washington feels largely emptied out since self-distancing and quarantine/lockdown really came into place in mid-March. And since Mayor Bowser’s formal stay-at-home order, the feeling of emptiness has increased somewhat. I still get out to go for runs, and public exercise is allowable along with other reasons to be out like heading for groceries, etc. Americans…