‘Kansas City has a lot going for it’

In light of Kansas City, Missouri’s Super Bowl victory, friend, colleague, and St. Louis-native Noah Brandt ribs Kansas City as Missouri’s second-greatest city:

St. Louis is Missouri’s flagship city. When outsiders from across the country hear Missouri, they think of a Gateway Arch, blue Bud Light, and two red birds on a bat. While Kansas City has its virtues, Jack Stack Barbecue first among them, it is still firmly in the No. 2 spot compared to its more mature sister to the east. On every front, St. Louis continues to reign supreme as the leading city in our great state.

St. Louis has a larger economy and is the home of more large and important corporations. The Cardinals and Blues have more championships between them than all of the professional sports teams in Kansas City combined. The fine arts scene in St. Louis is out of this world, with the symphony and the Muny setting national standards. Highly ranked universities. Killer beer scene.

You get the picture. St. Louis rules.

All of this is really not meant to demean Kansas City. Kansas City has a lot going for it, and the city is a shining jewel in Missouri’s crown, just not the crown jewel right in the middle. Kansas City is firmly in second place (maybe third if you count the glorious Broadway in the Ozarks utopia that is Branson). But seriously, the friendly rivalry between St. Louis and Kansas City benefits everyone and encourages both sides to strive to do better. Iron sharpens iron.

Great inter-state rivalries like this, like Philadelphia/Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, really are the best.