I started writing/sharing something here every day more than five years ago. I’m taking a sabbatical from writing here probably for the rest of the year, so that streak comes to an end today.

When I started the habit of daily writing, it was as much a commitment to “put pen to paper” or “think out loud” about what I was reading or encountering as anything else. We read, see, hear, etc. so much every day that ends up as ephemera, even if it’s good and true and timeless. Not everything (probably not most) of what I’ve posted here over the past five years has evergreen value, but it forms a record of what I’ve been thinking through, working on, etc. that I’m glad to have.

I had been thinking about ending this daily practice of posting for a few months, but the decision to “pause” for an extended period of time solidified last month during my retreat at Longlea.

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