A scorching Roman sun and cool summer nights

We are enjoying Rome. It is generally 100 degrees or so daily, but where we are staying makes this quite enjoyable thanks to our hotel’s wonderful courtyard and the proximity of water, coffee, and gelato shops.

I am adjusting to both the time change and my changed working hours, as I’m working 3p-11pm Rome time in order to sync with Washington, DC working hours while we continue to engage the opportunities of this post-Roe moment.

In lieu of a written narrative, because the days are full and long, I’ll share a photographic narrative instead:

The seagulls nesting on the steps of Saint Peter’s Basilica is not something I remember from my time here a few years ago. After Vatican Square is closed to visitors around 9:30pm, the seagulls have the space to themselves and apparently prefer nesting as close to Saint Peter’s Basilica as possible—hence the use of a laser light to disperse them, which we’ve seen routinely around this time.