Chiesa di San Salvatore

I arrived back in Florence mid-afternoon yesterday and met up with MaryKate. We walked home past the Piazza Ognissanti, where we stopped for a while. We’re lying down in the piazza and that’s our view in the main photo.

The Westin Excelsior Florence is (not visible) on our right and the St. Regis Florence is (not visible) on our left, with the Chiesa di San Salvatore front and center. The Church of San Salvatore was home for two centuries to a Carmelite convent until it was suppressed during French occupation. Today there is a school there. As we were sitting in the square today in the late afternoon, presumably a pilgrimage group emerged, singing. The rest of the photos are from this morning, on a walk back from the Duomo.

What beautiful moments these are. We’ve experienced a few of these over the past few weeks.

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