Reversing Roe and restoring the human right to life

It looks like the Supreme Court is set to finally reverse Roe v. Wade in the coming weeks.

I speak with Katie Glenn, Government Affairs Counsel at Americans United for Life, in today’s episode of “Life, Liberty, and Law”. We speak about AUL’s appearance at the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week as part of the Democrat-controlled House Committee on the Judiciary’s cynically-named hearing, “Revoking Your Rights: The Ongoing Crisis in Abortion Care Access.”

Abortion activists seek a future where abortion is normalized and even celebrated and where medicine is warped from its healing and curative nature to include intentional killing and harm.

Abortion activism involves endless misdirection about the nature of abortion as an act. Abortion activism involves handwaving that the child at the center of abortion is merely potential life rather than actual life. Abortion activism involves the highlighting of vanishingly rare and tragic instances of injustices not for the purpose of restorative justice but for the purpose of perpetuating mass-scale injustice.

We must choose whether the killing and harm at the center of every abortion is public good or a social ill. We must confront rather than avoid forming a moral judgment about abortion: pro or anti, against or for.

Roe’s existence has let us set aside so much of our individual agency. Roe has let us throw up our hands over the issue. Roe has let us remain indifferent to the needs of mothers, fathers, and children who are owed the support of their friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. When Roe is reversed, American lawmakers at both the federal and state level must reclaim their agency and affirmatively provide the spectrum of life-affirming choices we’ve owed one another all along the way.

Katie and I speak about the hearings, what it was like to be on Capitol Hill and in the room, the realities of abortion violence, and what the post-Roe role of lawmakers will be for advancing the human right to life.

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