Benedict XVI ‘awakened us to our need for truth’

Dr. Chad Pecknold appears on EWTN with succinct and poignant reflections on the late Pope Benedict XVI:

If you don’t watch the above, read this excerpted bit from Dr. Pecknold reflecting on Benedict XVI:

“The way in which the modern mind has been shaken by skepticism, in which we’re not really oriented to truth has been bad for people. It’s been bad for societies. And he awakened us to that. He awakened us to our need for truth, but also our need for God. And that societies need God just like souls need God. And that the fundamental orientation of our souls and our societies is liturgical—what is the direction of our worship? That’s what was really at the bottom of everything in Benedict’s writing: what is our fundamental orientation towards God in reality and how can we reflect that in our lives and in our societies? … We must raise up our worship. We must reorient our souls so that we’re not chasing after fashion but that we’re oriented towards the God who is love.”