• A small perk of the habit of walking to/from work in the winter came in the form of last night’s motorcade sighting, heading north up Rock Creek Parkway. We typically get at least one motorcade down Connecticut past our offices every day. I hope I never get so familiar with Washington that I’m anesthetized to how strange and impressive these are, in the way they communicate power and public priorities in this Federal City.

    What’s the point of living in a place like this if you become blasé about it?

  • Sunny Rose Park

    Sunny Rose Park

    I got back to Washington yesterday in the early afternoon after visiting Philadelphia this weekend. This morning’s walk to work from Georgetown to Dupont Circle was beautiful, and the weather today is spring-like mid-60s:

    That’s Rose Park, near the M Street Bridge.

  • Brookland sunset

    Brookland sunset

    I was in Brookland last Saturday to meet a friend at Busboys and Poets for dinner. This was my view while I was waiting outside, enjoying the incredibly temperate late January weather. It was one of those evenings, one of those moments, where it feels like there’s electricity in the air.

  • VW Karmann on Dumbarton

    A few weeks ago this VW Karmann appeared on Dumbarton Street. I now walk by it most days, parked somewhere along the block near my place. I looked up the VW Karmann—a half million were manufactured between 1955 and 1975 in West Germany and Brazil:

    I’ve seen young guys tinkering with it, which is cool to see. I wonder what their plans are.

  • March for Life 2020

    Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are in Washington, DC this weekend and they came to be a part of today’s March for Life, marking 47 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s imposed Roe doctrine of lawful indifference to human life.

    It’s a powerful and hopeful week of events, organizing, rallying, prayer, and companionship when we take stock of the victories of the past year and the work to come. There are incredible reasons for hope, even as threats to the human right to life have expanded across the spectrum, particularly concerning patients’ rights and suicide. There’s always work to be done.

    President Trump’s remarks were perfect, and an encouraging sign that political leadership at the highest levels will increasingly participate in the March for Life.

  • When you’ve got a particularly full week, all the more important to notice the little scenes of everyday beauty. Here’s a view from this morning’s commute:


    March for Life is this Friday.

  • Alexandria for an afternoon

    I had thought earlier in the week of a hike today, but the weather is cold and windy enough that I changed plans. I headed to Old Town, Alexandria for Mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary and then headed to Village Brauhaus to spend time with a friend and catch up.

    It’s a great thing to be able to do and see so much in and around Washington with relatively little trouble.

  • It’s back to being January-like in terms of temperature—much more unpleasant to be walking around Washington. But all things considered I’m glad to walk and to be able to take in simple scenes like the two below this week, first on Dumbarton Street and the second facing Connecticut Avenue.

    Looking forward to a quiet MLK Day weekend and the March for Life next week.

  • I took this photo as I was walking along K Street this morning. I had left the Catholic Information Center and was heading to Americans United for Life a few blocks away. It has felt like spring for the past week, and this morning it looked that way too.


    The days are starting to be noticeably longer, too. It’s great to be able to leave the office past 5pm and still have some light while walking home.

  • Visiting St. Ann’s

    I visited St. Ann for Mass on Sunday. It’s a beautiful old church, celebrating its 150th anniversary. It’s up Wisconsin in Tenleytown, a ten minute or so drive north from Georgetown.

    The Gospel on Sunday was Matthew’s account of Jesus’ baptism. It was a gift to see St. Ann’s beautiful mosaic of this scene.